Reddish Brown 136*25MM Wpc Outdoor Decking Composite Decking Wood Deck

Short Description:

Material Description:

1、Material composition:30% PVC+ 69% High quality wood flour + 1% Colorant formula.

2、Material characteristics:Smooth surface, durable.

Product Advantages:

1、Green and environmental protection.

2、Waterproof and flame retardant.

3、Quick installation.

4、Wood texture.

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Some artificial zeolites can be added into the polymer, and the aluminosilicate molecule can capture the peculiar smell in the material. Through a large number of crystal cavities in the powder, the adsorbent can capture small organic molecules that produce odor. Molecular capture adsorbents have been successfully applied to polyolefin extrusion pipes, injection and extrusion blow molding vessels, insulation packaging materials, extrusion packaging and sealing materials. The molecular adsorption powder can also be added into the plastic as a dehumidifier to remove the moisture therein.

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1. Co extruded plastic wood flooring is lighter in quality and weight than plastic wood flooring. Like plastic and wood materials, the labor efficiency is relatively high in the whole process of transportation, especially in solid core boards. You must work together in 2.3. The coextruded plastic wood is lighter, which not only alleviates the labor compressive strength of workers, but also effectively saves labor costs. In addition, the load of engineering buildings such as walls is also reasonably relieved.
2. The color fastness is also better. High quality plastic wood materials will fade slightly and massively within 2-3 years after installation, and there will be errors in the initial tone, which also gives many community owners a headache. Co extruded plastic wood ensures this. The thickness of the color protection layer on the surface increases the color retention time to about 10 years.
3. The price is the same as that of plastic wood floor. Before product research and development of co extruded wood and plastic flooring, the raw material cost has been reasonably arranged and measured. It is not only necessary to cross the characteristics of plastic wood flooring, but also to manage the purchase cost at the same price as plastic wood flooring.
In a word, co extruded plastic wood flooring is very popular now. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also durable. It can be used for a long time under various extreme weather conditions without quality problems

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