Indoor decorative WPC wall board with size 200x9mm

Short Description:

Material Description:

1、Material composition:30% PVC+ 69% High quality wood flour + 1% Colorant formula.

2、Material characteristics:Smooth surface, durable.

Product Advantages:

1、Green and environmental protection.

2、Waterproof and flame retardant.

3、Quick installation.

4、Wood texture.

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Specific introduction of integrated wallboard

Integrated wall is an integrated whole house decoration solution proposed in 2009 for the problems of household decoration pollution and complicated processes. The integrated wall is divided into five types according to materials: the first is made of aluminum manganese alloy, sound insulation foam material and aluminum foil; The second is nano fiber, and the other material is made of bamboo wood powder, calcium carbonate powder and PVC resin by plasticizing and extruding at high temperature [1]. The third is the solid wood integrated wall, commonly known as the solid wood veneer: it is made of natural raw wood veneer or artificial wood veneer through a series of processes, and then laminated with wood boards to form boards. The fourth is that the ecological stone integrated wall is formed by co extrusion of natural marble powder and food grade resin materials. The fifth is the decorative board made of cement, calcium silicate and metal as the base, covered with film or compounded with other surface materials.

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In addition to the color patterns of wallpaper and paint, the surface is also characterized by its strong three-dimensional sense and concave convex sense.
In addition to the color patterns of wallpaper and paint, the integrated wall surface is also characterized by its strong three-dimensional sense and concave convex surface, which is a replacement product of wallpaper and paint.

The integrated wallboard has three advantages

1. Three dimensional space: the plane decoration of the traditional wall is upgraded to a three-dimensional multi-level decoration effect. The space is sublimated and beautiful, which can remove the heavy accumulated in your life and let your mind fly
2. Low carbon life: heat preservation and heat insulation - the temperature difference between the same use environment and the use environment of wooden decorative panels is 7 degrees, and that between wallpaper and paint decorative surfaces is 10 degrees; Sound insulation - the sound insulation of a single side is 29 dB, 13 dB more than that of a 25cm wall, which solves the noise from outdoor, private living space and office (such as conference room).
3. Green building materials: no radiation, no formaldehyde generation, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, no odor, easy to scrub, super hardness, fashionable and beautiful, convenient installation

Scope of use

Home dining room, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, TV background, tooling hotel, lounge, entertainment place, meeting room, office, lobby, hotel, etc.

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